Monday, September 22, 2008

Philosophy of Ministry

I believe that all members of the Body of Christ are called to be ministers to one another, and ministry is largely a synergistic team-activity whereby the Body of Christ builds itself up in love. The role of church leaders is to equip the saints for that ministry (Eph. 4:11-16). As such, we should be in the business of releasing ministry rather than holding onto ministry, which means that our job is to create and nurture an environment which frees and empowers all the body to function under the guidance and enabling ministry of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, an accurate assessment of our ministry is not how large our ministry is, but rather how confident and active people are in using their Spirit-given gifts. Recognizing that ministry rolls forward on the ball-bearings of relationships, it is important that leaders approach their connection with the body primarily in relational not professional terms--all the while being guided by the rails of God's Word.

I believe that the leadership of the church should be undertaken by a team of godly men under the authority of God’s inerrant Word, with Jesus Himself as the Chief and Head Pastor.

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Nathan said...

Amen. It IS the body that causes the growth of the body. The use of our gifts are made evident when we be who we are in Christ, when we fully live into our identity in Him within the fellowship of the body.